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Play everyone's favorite 4 player card game, Euchre, free along with three computer players

Version: 1.384

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: AI Factory Limited


Euchre Free from AI Factory Limited is a free gaming app that lets you play the classic card game of the same name in the palm of your hand no matter where you go. This game is meant for four players, and it is filled with a number of AI characters that can act as your partners and your opponents. The gameplay is incredibly smooth regardless of the device used to play the game, and the graphics are clean and modern.

Each CPU player in the game is designed with a different style, so the game has all sorts of potential for various games. There are a total of 18 CPU characters in the game, and you can unlock many of them as you play. These characters range from expert to beginner in terms of their difficulty, so you can develop your skills over time and the game will always have an appropriate CPU character for you to play against.

There are several different modes in the game for you to enjoy, such as Canadian Loner, Turn It Up To Dealer, Stick the Dealer, and many others. The game includes three different digital card designs, and you can change the design easily through the settings. Change the background images to anything you want, and view stats about each player and how you fair against them.

With the comprehensive hint and undo features, you'll have no trouble using this software to hone your skills at Euchre. You will need an internet connection to use this app only because it is supported by ads that require such a connection. The app itself doesn't have any functionality that requires an internet connection. You can use the software to save game data outside the app on an external device if you give the app permission to access files/media/photos on your device.


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